Monday, 30 March 2015

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

It was with joy that we rejoiced at the installation of our new font and its dedication by Bishop Nick. Taking these words as his text Bishop Nick reminded us that these words were spoken to a people going into exile and that although God would not desert them life would not be easy and they would have to dig deep into their resources of faith.

On a day that promised much joy, beauty and celebration we were reminded of our imperfections as we discovered that the plug at the base of the font was not a good fit and there was leakage. Bishop Nick reflected how quickly we all fall short of the promises made for us at baptism, repeated at confirmation, and reinforced at the beginning of every service in the form of confession. We leak! And we’re in good company. Even the apostles, full of determination to stand by their Lord at his time of need, denied and deserted him the moment their resolve was put to the test. Why should we expect to be any different?

Does that make us hypocrites as suggested by a certain politician who criticised the recent pastoral letter issued by the House of Bishops without the benefit of having actually read it? Yes it does, but at least we admit it – we don’t mind letting people see the ways we leak, and we know that the world, and its people including us, are in a mess. But we also know that there is Good News to be had – and it’s up to us to ‘leak’ it out into the world! Yes – we’re in trouble, but we are drawn by hope and not driven by fear. The Christian life is not always an easy ride, but we are promised the joy of salvation as a reward.

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  1. An excellent service yesterday and Bishop Nick was very impressive.