Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Let us Pry

Let us Pry

Our bishops have done it again – meddled in politics! They had the temerity to call for a ‘fresh moral vision’ and described ‘a deep contradiction in the attitudes of a society which celebrates equality in principle yet treats some people, especially the poor and vulnerable, as unwanted, unvalued and unnoticed.’

Almost on cue, two of our most senior politicians, neatly balanced between the two main parties, have shown just how entitled they believe they are by falling for that oldest of political traps – succumbing to greed. Their toe-curling attempts to screw money out of a fictitious Chinese company in return for ‘under the radar’ assistance and ‘access to every ambassador in London’ can only serve to deepen the growing mistrust we have in them all.

Which is a shame, because there are examples of selfless and long-term service to constituency and country on both sides of the chamber. But what can the average worker on £24,000 a year, let alone the minimum wage recipient on £13,520, think when he sees someone already on £67,000 claiming between £5,000 and £8,000 for half a day’s work?

That puts Jack Straw’s and Malcolm Rifkind’s worth at some £7,000 an hour, which would cover the expenses of more than a thousand minimum wage earners. And they aren’t even sorry! Except for being caught out, of course.

Many newspapers have criticised our bishops for re-stating the case for moral values. ‘Let us pry’ one of them used as a headline, implying that Christians can have nothing to say about the way our country is run. Well, let’s take it as a legitimate slogan. If Channel 4 can pry, so can we. Go Justin! 

Bill Jones

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